FUN'IKI Ambient Glasses

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It’s like a Tinker Bell

We're excited to introduce our unique digital spectacles FUN’IKI Glasses. You may feel brilliant if you're able to check a signal, message or schedule reminding without taking up your smart phone. FUN’IKI Glasses is linked to smart phone and fully coloured LED light + beep sound from its small speakers will notify you a numerous information without taking any action. No more hustle checking your smart phone every single minute and it looks cool. We believe that FUN’IKI Glasses will be a part of your lifestyle in the most natural way.


The glasses connect to your smartphone to receive incoming calls. They inform you through lights and sounds of emails, SNS updates, schedule notifications, movements in stock prices, and weather changes. It is even possible for users to set light and sound patterns themselves.

Timer, Tempo, Morse Code

Using the timer or tempo modes, you can light up these glasses at a set amount of time later or at a set interval. It is also possible to light them up with text that is input and changed into Morse code.

Disco, Party, Relax

With brilliant gradations of light, you can be conspicuous at discos or parties. With calm light patterns, you can get a relaxing effect.



Many fully coloured LED will lights the lenses themselves. Fully automated light sensor will adjust the brightness of LED.


Powered by USB rechargeable Li-ion batteries. You can use as normal spectacles even there’re many functions.


You can customize your FUN’IKI Glasses using special APPS.



No more missing an important mail or message even you’re eating or chatting with someone at café.



Sometimes, it’s considered impolite to check a mobile or take out a smart phone during business scene, but you won’t miss any important information from now on without touching a mobile.



As well as schedule reminder, Fun’Iki guides you a steady daily routine for the healthier lifestyle.




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